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How do I calculate the rebuild cost of my home?

The market value of your property i.e. as valued by an estate agent, is different from the cost of rebuilding your property.

To accurately calculate your rebuild cost go to the BCIS calculator.

Do I need to declare all valuable items?

No, our policy provides automatic cover within the Contents Section for all items of art, antiques and collectables up to £10,000. For other valuable items you only need to let us know if it’s worth more than £7,500 on it’s own.

I have staff who tend to the house, are these people covered under my policy?

We provide Employers and Public Liability cover, which protects you against your legal liabilities to them as their employer and to others from their actions.

How do I know if my property is a listed building?

For properties in England and Wales, the Historic England website contains details of all listed properties – Or if this is unclear your local authority will be able to advise you.

What does contents insurance cover?

This covers your standard furniture, electrical appliances, carpets, curtains and your personal belongings. Your Valuable items are more specifically covered under either the art, antiques and collectables or valuables section of the policy.

Do I need to list items of fine art, antiques, collectables, jewellery, watches, furs and guns?

Fine art, antiques and collectibles only need to be mentioned if their individual value is in excess of £10,000. If however it’s jewellery, watches, furs or guns then you need to mention them if they are individually worth in excess of £7,500.

Whilst my child is away at school, college or university do I need to arrange separate insurance?

No, our policy provides automatic cover of up to £5,000 within the Contents Section for their possessions whilst away at school, college or university

Can I insure just my Buildings and or Contents?

You are able to insure just the Buildings, or Buildings & Contents combined direct and on price comparison sites. We however offer Contents only direct from our site and not from price comparison sites.

If I am having building works, for example a new kitchen, do I need to have separate insurance?

If its a like for like change i.e. £10,000 kitchen replacing a £10,000 kitchen that’s fine. If however the value of the new kitchen is significantly higher in cost you will need to call to discuss the impact on your insurance.

I have received a formal enquiry from HMRC into my personal tax affairs; is this included within this policy?

Yes, subject to the standard policy terms we have automatically included cover which is provided by ARAG. You can find the contact details for support in your policy wording which was emailed to you, and these details can also be found in your online account.

If I suffered an emergency, for example, following the total failure of my boiler is this covered by my insurance ?

Yes, subject to the standard policy terms, and up to £3,000 we will ensure that your home is rendered safe and secure and main services restored.


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Are there any hidden costs in changing my policy

For changes to your policy there are charges that are set out in your policy wording, these cover our additional administration charges.

How do I make a complaint?

There are two complaints processes, depending on your type of complaint. If your complaint is in relation to the handling of a claim please contact us
If your complaint is in relation to anything else please contact us


Do I need to inform you of changes to my property?

Yes, you need to notify us of any changes to your property.

Where are my policy documents?

Your policy documents will have been emailed to you when you took out your policy. You can also access them in your online account.


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How do I renew?

All you need to do is call us to renew

Can I make changes to my renewal?

Yes, you can call us to make changes to your renewal.

Why have you declined me at renewal?

There are many reasons why your renewal may have been declined. It could be due to:

  • A change in your property description
  • Claims you have had in the previous 12 months
  • A change in our underwriting appetite based on the overall performance of your homes location.

Can I view my new policy documents

Yes, these will be emailed to you or you can view your policy documents in your online account.

What if I have a claim during my renewal

If you have had a claim during the period you have been on cover with us, we will take this into account as part of the renewal process and your no claims discount may be reduced depending on the type of claim.


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When should I make a claim?

You should advise us as soon as possible of an incident occurring. As soon as we are aware of the incident we can help minimise the impact it may have on you and your home.

How do I make a claim?

You can make a claim by calling us

How do I track my claim?

You can track your claim by calling us

What excess is payable?

Please check your policy schedule for how much excess you’ll need to pay.

Will my claim affect my renewal price?

Any claims you have had in the previous 12 months will be taken into account as part of the renewal process.

What if my claim is open during my renewal?

The realistic likelihood of a claim being paid and the amount of the claim will be taken into account as part of the renewal process. If we believe no claim will be made or paid, it will not form part of the renewal pricing process.


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How do I cancel my policy?

All you need to do is call us to cancel.

Am I due a refund if I cancel my policy?

If you cancel your policy a pro rata return premium will be paid subject to you not having had a claim. There will also be a £50 charge in year 1 for a policy cancellation.

What if I have only just purchased my policy in the last 14 days and I wish to cancel?

This is your cooling off period and if you cancel at this time we will provide a full refund subject to you not having had a claim. There will be a £20 admin charge for the cost of setting up the policy.